Stay In The Game!​

Don’t let a good time turn into a bad morning! Make Buzzkill your last drink of the night so you can STAY IN THE GAME.



After too much fun, 2.6 Billion times per year, people feel poorly the next day. 

Solution: Buzzkill

Here’s How It Works

Ancient ingredients with unique properties and a proprietary combination to help you STAY IN THE GAME.






What Do Our Customers Think?

DC Cottton

Facebook Review

I have used it and also had friends try it and we have seen some significant positive results. Virtually no hangover of any kind after drinking more than normal. Had a great time and there was no price to pay the next day. Very impressed!


Product Review

Brother got very drunk with friends after fathers passing. I had some Buzzkill and made him drink one before he went to bed. The next day he was bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to drive 7 hours home. No signs of a hang over, couldn’t believe it.

Daniel Vaughan

Product Review

Buzzkill is an absolute miracle cure. Never felt better in my life after a long night of drinking than when I started taking it. Not only is the taste amazing, but the lack of a hangover the next day is a game changer.

Who Needs Buzzkill?

Buzzkill is much more than a post-alcohol drink, check it out.

Party Animals

Buzzkill was designed to eliminate that awful feeling when you've had too much alcohol. Its proprietary blend enhances your body's ability to safely and naturally expel the negative toxins, while assisting your hydration efforts.

Health Conscious

Many of our customers use Buzzkill to feel better pre and post workout, or whenever they need a quick and safe boost without overloading their bodies with caffeine or other harmful stimulants.

New Product!

Introducing Buzzkill In A Can: 

Say goodbye to “feeling out of it” the day after a big night. Our new 8.4-ounce can of magic will get you up and moving again. No brew, no carbonation, just the pure zesty punch of ginseng and citrus.

Why Choose Buzzkill?

  • Burst of Flavor: We mix the earthy essence of ginseng with a splash of citrus to kickstart your taste buds.

  • Ready-to-Drink: No need to mess around with powder and water. Just crack open a can and sip your way back to vitality.

  • Natural Goodness: Only the best natural ingredients go into every can, because you deserve nothing less.

Making Mornings Manageable Again

Feeling groggy? Lost your zing? Buzzkill is on a mission to revolutionize your “morning afters,” turning them from dreadful to delightful.

How to Get Buzzkill?

Get your Buzzkill today. Exclusive online orders now available, delivered straight to your doorstep. Click on the link below to place your order.

Level Up Your Morning Game with Buzzkill 

Don’t let last night’s adventures ruin today’s plans. Make Buzzkill your go-to and get back to being your awesome self.

Why Take Buzzkill?

Our product has been engineered by a team of consumer packaged goods experts, with a combined 115 years of experiences in executive leadership. Buzzkill was created so that people could enjoy drinking with friends and family without suffering the negative effects of alcohol consumption. Buzzkill comes with a 100% money-back guarantee because we know you won’t be disappointed.

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