When do you need Buzzkill?

Consume After You've Had One Too Many

Supplement Information

Buzzkill is the premier and patent-pending product on the market backed by science to greatly reduce the effects of drinking too much to help you STAY IN THE GAME!

Let's Talk Science

Take a look at what goes into Buzzkill and how these combinations work to ensure you feel better FAST.

patent Pending and Proprietary

Created by leading experts in the bio-tech and pharmaceutical industry, Buzzkill is a patent-pending, proprietary blend that works together to greatly reduce the effects of alcohol.

Removes Acetaldehyde from the liver

Buzzkill is effective in removing acetaldehyde from the liver and restoring vitamins and minerals depleted from alcohol consumption, while protecting liver function.

Reduces Alcohol Flush Reaction

Buzzkill reduces the alcohol flush (Red Face) reaction and nausea for individuals, mostly of oriental descent, with a low Km aldehyde dehydrogenase gene (ALDH2 Deficiency).​

Minimizes headaches

Buzzkill reduces headache pain and symptoms that often accompany hangovers.

Accelerates Metabolism of blood

Buzzkill helps accelerate the metabolism of the blood alcohol levels in the system following the ingestion of an alcoholic beverage by increasing the ability to remove acetaldehyde thanks to Vine Tea Extract (DHM) **Based on 2020 USC Study on effects of Vine Tea Extract (DHM)


Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

If you have a medical condition and/or are taking any prescription medicine, please check with your physician prior to taking BuzzKill.

Absolutely not. BuzzKill works differently with each individual and is based on factors such as; Age, weight, and outside environmental influences during a night of drinking.

Based on internal testing, our subjects felt significantly better as quickly as within 30 minutes of use.

Absolutely. We suggest taking Buzzkill as your last drink post-alcohol consumption.

However, if this isn’t possible, you can consume Buzzkill the next day or whenever you need it.

Some customers are reporting increased performance, pre and post workout, after drinking Buzzkill.

Buzzkill includes Dihydromyricetin (or DHM) extracted from the Japanese Raisin Tree. It has been demonstrated to show antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties, which counteract the side effects of drinking alcohol.

Other products on the market promote a high level of DHM, but more DHM doesn’t equate to better resultsit just means a higher volume dose

Buzzkill incudes an optimal dose, which keeps our efficacy high and product volume lower.

By expediting the alcohol metabolizing process, Buzzkill works to help you feel better – faster.

We would love to say yes, and to validate that, in a self-conducted study, 92% of participants felt much better the next day after taking Buzzkill!

Individual variance and other factors including food intake, drinking duration, and water consumption can play a role in your overall results.