I feel a tingly, warming sensation after consuming BuzzKill.
We refer to this as the “BuzzKill Burn” it is a natural affect that some users experience and will pass anywhere between 15 – 30 mins after consuming BuzzKill.

My skin has a pinkish tone after drinking BuzzKill, it felt like a sunburn and lasted for 15 -30 mins after drinking BuzzKill.
This is normal due to the Niacin Flush that affects a small amount of individuals who are not accustomed to drinks or vitamins with Niacin in the ingredients.

Will I become completely sober after drinking BuzzKill?
Many Clinical tests have been done to prove a drop in Blood Alcohol Level.  BuzzKill works differently with each individual based on age, weight, and outside environmental influences during a night of drinking. See our Clinical Trials, within minutes of use a drop in BAC was consistently recognized.

What makes BuzzKill work?
BuzzKill is a proprietary blend with some patented ingredients that work together to reduce Blood Alcohol Content.

How does BuzzKill compare to hangover remedies on the market today?
BuzzKill is designed to drop your blood alcohol level after consumption, so in affect Buzzkill is a duel action product that can reduce your Blood alcohol level allowing you to sober up, and it can lower the affect of hangover the following day.

I’m taking prescription medication. Can I take BUZZKILL?
If you have a medical condition and/or are taking any prescription medicine, please check with your physician prior to taking BuzzKill.

How many BuzzKill can I consume daily?
Recommended dose is one to two packs per day.

How do I sell BuzzKill at my store?
Please take a moment to contact Jason Navarro jason@fortisbiopharma.com

Do you sponsor Celebrities and Athletes?
Yes, please contact info@drinkbuzzkill.com