NATIONAL ROLLOUT PLAN:  We are committed to the successful launch of BuzzKill, and have developed a comprehensive marketing plan to support the product’s national introduction.


BuzzKill’s patent pending and proprietary formula includes a combination of feverfew (known to aid in headaches, dizziness and anemia), and eluthero root (which invigorates and provides vital energy). Together, these act to quickly detoxify and restore the body.

The target audience for BuzzKill is significant – more than 100 million strong, with a direct spending power of more than $200 billion.

• Adults, 25-45 years of age
• Male and female
• Outgoing, social and ethnically diverse
• Likely to be college graduates
• Employed full time and have work / family responsibilities.

• Atlanta
• Chicago
• Dallas
• Houston
• Las Vegas
• Los Angeles
• Miami
• New Orleans
• New York
• Washington, DC