Kill Blood Alcohol Content on Super Bowl Sunday with BUZZKILL

HOUSTON, TX – The Stevens Institute of Technology once estimated that Americans drink 325.5 million gallons of beer on Super Bowl Sunday. The average male, weighing 185 lbs., would have to consume an estimated 15, 12 oz beers for 5 hours; his Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) would be an astounding 0.228% according to a BAC calculator. With that much alcohol, that man would become completely sober in an estimated 13.4 hours. The Workforce Institute at Kronos Incorporated estimated that in 2016, 16.5 million U.S. adults may have missed work the Monday after Super Bowl 50.  Sounds like they all needed BUZZKILL.

“Super Bowl Monday” should indeed be a national holiday, but because it’s not, Fortis BioPharma Nutritionals is launching a revolutionary product that will forever change the beverage industry and its relationship with sporting events. Created by leading experts in the bio-tech and pharmaceutical industry, BUZZKILL is a multi-patented, proprietary blend that works together to physically reduce one’s Blood Alcohol Conten<!t. BUZZKILL is backed by medical case studies and clinical testing.

BUZZKILL launches Super Bowl Week in Houston with a sampling at NRG Stadium, producing a proven drop in your BAC in JUST 30 minutes. While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show your BAC should still be rising 30 minutes after your last drink. Everyone in the nation will be begging for BUZZKILL’s dual action effects of reducing BAC after drinking and minimizing or eliminating hangover the following day. Let’s see how many people make it to work on “Super Bowl Monday” now!

INTERVIEWS AVAILABLE:  Cooper Collins, Chairman, CEO and President of Fortis BioPharma Nutritionals

CLINICAL DATA:   Available upon request

BUZZKILL is not intended to be used to evade the detection of intoxication by law enforcement agencies. You should never operate any type of vehicle or machinery after consuming alcohol. #DRINKBUZZKILL

Sarah Marie Blanton